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What is Stress?

Stress is a physiological state in which your body feels you are going to fail. This is why we need a stress relief product, but don't understand how to treat it or manage it. In fact, a stress relieving product may do more harm than good. Stress may be a good thing for some people, but the fact that many people with severe symptoms of stress have no solution to their problem is not helpful to their health. Stress relieving products are not only ineffective, but also can cause harm by increasing your stress response.

Stress in general has many symptoms, but the symptoms can vary from the stress itself to something that may happen during the time you are using a stress reliever. It is often hard to determine how stressful the situation is, because stress is an ongoing state, and can affect your entire life. Stress can also change in intensity and frequency over time. A few of the more common symptoms of stress include: Anxiety

Anxiety can vary from mild to extreme, depending on the circumstances, but can be felt as intense anxiety during the present or in a past stressful event. When we are stressed, our body releases endorphins, natural painkillers.

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